The problem we want to solve passionately...

Cooking plays such an important part in the life of Indian people. Every day women spend three to four hours preparing meals for their families. More than 170 million Indian households cook on open fire using firewood. The exposure of mainly women and children to smoke causes one of the biggest health problems. Many suffer serious respiratory, pulmonary and vision problems and 0,8 million people die every year, making open fire cooking one of the biggest health problems.  


Also collecting firewood is unsafe for women and children and it is time consuming as well. At an ecological level it leads to deforestation and the inefficient burning of firewood causes unnecessary CO₂-emissions and leaves black carbon in the air. 


 We at BlueMatch are passionately driven to make a big change!


Pragathi means progression.

We are passionate about creating impact through 

Pragathi-cooking. A step forward for women by providing them healthy and safe cooking conditions; progression for the households by helping to save time and money to educate the children and lead a dignified life; and a leap forward for the environment by reducing carbon emissions and deforestation.